Spinach lasagne

Serves 4:
500 g noodles for lasagne
600 g frozen spinach (leafs)
600 g minced beaf 
2 packets tomato purree
3 onions
2 cloves of garlic
400 - 500 g cream cheese (philadelpia)
0,5 l milk
1 tablespoon starch flour
herbes de provence
250 g grated cheese

Sauce with minced meat: Roast the chopped onions in 
oil, add the minced meat, after 5 minutes add the
tomato purree. Season with salt, pepper, herbs and
fine chopped garlic.
Cream cheese sauce: Stir cheese with milk, add fine 
chopped garlic and starch flour.
Now arrange in a heat-resistant form alternate layers
of meat sauce and cheese sauce between the lasagne nood-
les. Put the thawed spinach on top of the cheese-sauce-layer.
The last layer is meat sauce. Strew the grated cheese 
on the top and gratinate in the preheated oven at 220 C 
for 40 minutes.

recipe by Christiane Franz
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